Cruises are fun for everyone, especially in the Caribbean. Because there is so much to do and see on Caribbean cruises, you won’t get bored. Imagine breath-taking sunsets, beautiful sunny beaches, great shore excursions, all the food you want and all kinds of entertainment and activities. Enjoy visiting new islands with different cultures and spectacular views.

I still can’t believe I swam with dolphins in Cozumel, baby seals in the Sea of Cortez and giant turtles in Barbados!

Cave tubing in Belize was so much fun. Watching the divers in Acapulco was crazy and driving a jeep around the island of Aruba was interesting.

Cruises, especially Caribbean cruises, have become so popular that more than ten million people will cruise in the next year. Cruise vacations consistently rate the highest in customer satisfaction among all vacation categories.

Would you look at this sunset!

Sunset From Cruise Ship

Yes, I know, you can see some fine sunsets from a Caribbean beach…but from a sailing cruise ship with nothing around to get in the way, it’s priceless!

Sunsets are a big deal on a cruise, everyone with a camera gets ready early for the “Event”!

My husband and I have been on many (42 as of Jan.2018) and that’s why I share what I know on this website . Even though we go back to Caribbean islands we have visited before, it feels new and familiar at the same time. There is always a new shore excursion or a new beach to soak up the sun. Trying a ship or a cruise line new to us, also makes it interesting and fresh.

Caribbean cruises will please everyone

Yes even your teenager! It’s relaxing, it’s fun, it’s entertaining, it’s educational, it’s great food and great service.

Take the kids and you’ll be their hero forever. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has ships with ice skating rings and rock climbing walls…how cool is that?

You want to organize a family reunion?

No problem, a Caribbean cruise is the perfect venue for this. You can even cruise for free. Find out if you are eligible, ask your travel agent or the cruise line.

Singles have not been forgotten either. You won’t be alone, unless you want to.

If you have a special diet or you are physically challenged, cruises can also accommodate your special needs.

Try it, you’ll get hooked!